Thursday, December 20, 2007

If I wasnt Muslim


If I wasnt Muslim

Added: July 28, 2007

If I wasnt Muslim
Ya ba dibi dibi dibi dibi dibi dum.
If I wasnt born Mohammedan
Life for me would have been fun.

I could live and prosper
On my land and I could even build a bigger house.
I wouldnt have to, every now and then,
Run and hide like a mouse.

If I wasn't Muslim
Ya ... dum.
My neighbours wouldnt set my home on fire
And surround me with barbed wire.

I wouldnt live in terror
Ya .... dum.
Books wouldnt teach you that I was an error
In European history.

I would not have to prove that I am not stupid
A backward and primitive villain,
An alien threat to your way of life
to be hunted down.

I wouldnt be so ashamed of
The names of my relatives and mine
Of the Semitic language I speak to my God
That no one here understands.

My tradition wouldnt insult
My Christian neighbours and friends
My diet, my cap, the Ramadan fast
The crescent and the star.

Bayram, I know, will never be famous
like Christmas or Easter Sunday..
So modern and cool, so western,
And- oh so "secular".

If I wasnt Muslim
If I had an ordinary Slavic Christian name
If I wasnt circumcised
If I could eat my eggs with ham

I would be accepted
Ya .... dum.
Id blend in to Europe and enjoy
I wouldnt be its whipping boy.

Oh boy..
If I were a Christian
I wouldnt have to prove that I am human too.
Cos when youre Christian youre always civilized,
No matter what you wear or do.

But when you are a Muslim
It is really hard to find some sympathy for you.
No one really likes you, no one really cares
No one wants to know your point of view.

If I wasnt Muslim
Ya .... dum.
If I was a part of Christendom
Europe would be my sweet home.

I wouldnt have to worry
Ya .... dum.
What will happen in a year or two?
Will I have to leave or stay and die?
Drop my pants to be identified and put aside
Just cos Im a Musulman?!

Ied Mubarak to all my muslim friends.