Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kangen 2...

My Lady..
words I have spoken, for which
I'll be seeing you in our dreamland.

If only I could ask God one thing,
it would be to stop the moon.
Stop the moon tonight,
and make your beauty and our dream
last forever.

I love you, My Santy..

(Rose Lane 24, 28 June 2005, 23:16 pm)
*some words taken from The Knight's Tale movie


Are you in bed already?
now close your eyes, take a deep
breath and hold tight...
you're leaving to the world of dreams.

we'll meet up there, My Princess.. ;)

(Rose Lane 24, 28 June 2005, 22:01 pm)

Monday, June 20, 2005

Purnama di Singapura

Malam ini purnama,
sayang aku tak ada pulsa

tak bisa kirimimu puisi seperti biasa
tapi bak malam-malam sebelumnya
selalu kutitipkan rinduku untukmu
pada bulan

Purnama atau tidak purnama

(Rose Lane 24, 17 June 2005, malam2 saat bulan purnama)